Rooms and floor plans

For each event the suitable premises

Rooms and seating arrangements

wxl (m)
door width
chair rows parliament blockbanquetU-shape outsideU-shape
inside + outside
Mühlmeiße*6,50 x 9,60621,252,85553636402438
Böhme und Leine9,50 x 18,601521,802,85150100751105090
Böhme und Leine 28,80 x 17,201621,802,85150120751305096
Böhme*9,50 x 12,201081,802,851007054803560
Fulde*8,80 x 8,60761,002,85705036502440
Aller*9,30 x 7,20671,502,85604536502036
Leine 1 und 26,90 x 9,60661,002,85553636502440
Weser6,90 x 7,20501,002,85503620302034
Leine 16,90 x 6,40441,002,853518201832
Leine 26,90 x 3,20221,002,85161010
Hannover5,60 x 6,00401,002,8530121614

*ISDN connection available in the room 

360° tour conference room Weser


360° tour conference room Fulde


360° tour conference room Aller



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