Space rents and additional equipment

Room for rent

room namem2Whole dayHalf day
Leine 1 & 266330,- EUR180,- EUR
Böhme*86430,- EUR230,- EUR
Fulde*76380,- EUR210,- EUR
Aller*67335,- EUR190,- EUR
Weser50250,- EUR150,- EUR
Mühlmeiße62310,- EUR170,- EUR
Hamburg40200,- EUR130,- EUR
Eventpavillion80650,- EUR350,- EUR


Premises can be combined. Maximum room size 220 m²
*ISDN lines available (Euro ISDN - DSS 1In all areas of the house it is possible to wirelessly connect to the internet!


Available additional equipment

  • 1x beamer
  • 1x flipchart
  • 2x wall 

These audio-visual equipment, we provide you with availability and prior registration is free of charge.

Microphone system80,- EUR / day
each additional microphone40,- EUR / day
Video camera complete (camera, tripod)26,- EUR / day
Presenter case26,- EUR / day
Additional flipchart block7,- EUR / day
Moderation wall covered5,- EUR / day
Overhead projector40,- EUR / day
Television5,- EUR / day


In order to ensure availability of this additional equipment is necessary an early registration. All unavailable in-house technical equipment we like to hire for you at cost price. 



Fußball LIVE mit Sky

Sport LIVE

  • jedes Wochenende Bundesliga
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • DFB Pokal
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