Welt Vogel Park Walsrode

A day in paradise experience!

More than 4,000 birds from 650 different species housed in the world Walsrode Bird Park in a 24-hectare adventure and parkland. He is the world's largest bird park and one of the ten most varied zoos in the world. He is not only a paradise for animal lovers and garden enthusiasts, but also attracts international ornithologist.

Our experience paradise is now at least since the new concept of the most popular attractions in northern Germany. The Weltvogelpark united by the many species of birds as well as the scale loving parkland the world of birds with a beautiful backdrop. The Weltvogelpark is like almost every zoo in the conservation and research of the animals. Here, our Park has specialized in the feathered residents and was able to earn through his good work has an excellent reputation in the world of ornithology. Stop by to experience one of the most popular and successful in his field Amusement Parks in Germany.


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