The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park

The largest continuous heathland in Central Europe

In Germany there are 100 particularly valuable cultural landscapes that are protected as nature reserves. Keep all and develop something unique and want to inspire and raise awareness. The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park was established as the first nature park in Germany and is today one of the largest and most famous of its kind. It has an area of ​​over 107,000 hectares and includes the largest continuous heathland in Central Europe. These lie in the Lüneburg Heath Nature Reserve to the Wilseder Berg, the heart of the Park. But Moore, ancient forests, heath streams, rivers and lively communities with old farm buildings and thatched cottages are of protection and experiencing values ​​components of this unique cultural landscape.

The cultural landscape of the Lüneburg Heath nature reserve has been created over centuries by the influence of man and today provides a habitat for many rare plant and animal species.


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